LAURA VINNEDGE  - figurative paintings

(Statements for particular bodies of work can be found with the portfolio images.)

My work explores a variety of contexts in which the merging of contrived, posturing figures or body parts with institutional iconography and pop-culture imagery might imply diverse social or political concerns.

I'm interested in the selection process by which images are noted or ignored and how meaning is deciphered, then interpreted. I explore the ways in which both overt and covert messages encapsulated in imagery impact our thoughts and behavior. I employ the accessible figure, figurative description, and familiar symbols to invite viewers to decode meaning and to provide a bridge from simple and obvious ideas to more subtle and complex inquiries.

I negotiate the nature of scientific progress in the "Chemical Warfare" and "Tool Worship" series and question socio-political power hierarchies in the "Gargantua: Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger . . . " and "Take a Picture (It Lasts Longer)" series. I offer an affirmative feminist critique in the "ReConstructing the Subject" and "Vessels" series. Other issues such as gender politics, gay rights, party politics, consumer culture, art theory, and waste management are traversed in the "Synecdoche" and "Portrait of the Artist as . . ." series.

Technically, I am increasingly engaged in the process of combining the unique properties of latex house paints - a plasticity that allows me to pour, drip, swirl, pool, dot, and build raised surfaces - with the traditions of the descriptive modeling and glazing of oils.